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What is New Media

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new media

ReachMoreMedia Founder Richard Studeny briefly lifts the lid on the mystery of New Media.

This simple 2-word phrase manages to mystify many people. When we say New Media, what do we really mean? Is it the Internet or the online-innovations that go on within it that are New? Is it the hardware or the software that is New? Is it the mobile phone applications or PC tablets and the like, or is it social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, or Bebo, to name but five?

There was a time when the ‘in-thing’ medium was print and publishing, when daily newspapers, pictorial magazines, and posters etc were the hype of the society, then ‘new media’ happened...that talking box that we all became to know as the radio.

“No other innovation can beat this” they must have thought at the time, then, suddenly black & white television appeared, followed by the coloured version, and now in today’s hi-tech world of high definition LCD and LED touch-screens, 3-D interactive television.

Some decades after the introduction of colour TV, the internet (and the ever-changing world of mobile technology) came along, but what is new today, may not necessarily be new tomorrow.

So what is New Media in a nut-shell? I see New Media as the software and culture that emanates from use of these new technologies.