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ReachMoreMedia specialises in offering publicity based design concepts (namely “print”, “web”, “media”, and “new media”) in order to help create an awareness of an individuals’ or companies’ products or services.

If you are in need of quality work at a competitive priced delivered in a realistic time-frame than ReachMoreMedia is for you.

(Applicable for all design options)
You contact us about your requirements’ and initial idea(s)

We discuss your requirements and the options available to you

We quote you a price and realistically tell you if we can meet your needs and your timescale

We meet with you to discuss your brief in detail

You send us any copy content / images etc that you wish to be included in the finished project

We draft you a design for your project and send you a low-resolution PDF

We discuss the draft design project with you and customise accordingly

We make any required amendments to your chosen design and send it to you

You proofread the final design(s), checking for errors etc, and then you sign it off

(“Design for print”, “design for media”, and “design for new media” options)

We produce you a low-resolution PDF of the final design – the small file-size makes this useful for electronic transfer

We produce you a print-ready high-resolution PDF of the final design

You decide on how you wish to print your project – either we can do it for you (at an additional cost), or you can take the file(s) away, and have it printed privately

(“Design for web” options)

We produce you low-resolution PDF’s of the final website design project

You decide how you wish to publish your website – either ReachMoreMedia can host it for you at a price to be agreed (subject to your chosen web-domain names etc being available) or you can take away the file(s) in electronic format to host yourself or for another company to host – the decision is yours.